Duration Health

Our Story

As a concerned and prepared citizen, I keep an emergency kit on hand for my family and myself in the event of a disaster. I also carry emergency supplies during travel, especially for outdoor activities like camping, climbing and hiking.

As an emergency medicine physician, I have a unique collection of emergency supplies. Because of my access to specialized equipment and medications, and the training necessary to deploy them in difficult situations, I'm prepared to care for myself and others when regular healthcare is unavailable.

I founded Duration Health to bring this same level of comprehensive medical preparedness to my patients, and to provide free and open access to core medical knowledge required in emergencies.

Duration Health is a boutique medical practice dedicated to keeping you and your family healthy when medical care becomes unavailable. Unlike most primary care practices, we don't treat stuffy noses or remind you to schedule your colonoscopy.

Instead, you'll consult with our emergency medicine and wilderness medicine expert healthcare providers online, identify areas of risk facing you and your family, and prepare for those scenarios. We'll deliver an ER in a bag, full of the medications and supplies you need to be prepared when medical care is unavailable.

If hospitals and pharmacies were closed or inaccessible, would you be ready to care for yourself and your loved ones?

Get your bag today and be prepared. Thank you for visiting.

Benjamin Jack, MD
Founder, Duration Health