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Generic for Tamiflu®
Generic for Tamiflu®

Prepare for Influenza (flu)



Oseltamivir (generic for Tamiflu) treats influenza.

When to avoid

Oseltamivir works best if started within 48 hours of influenza symptoms. Don't start using it after that. Oseltamivir is not a substitute for the annual influenza vaccination. Get your flu shot every year!

When is it dangerous

Oseltamivir can have serious side effects, including psychiatric symptoms and seizures, and serious skin reactions. There have been rare reports of healthy people becoming psychotic, hallucinating, and committing suicide after starting this medication. You should be aware that these serious side effects exist before taking oseltamivir, and immediately stop use if any side effects develop.

When is it used

Influenza treatment 75 mg by mouth twice daily for 5 days
Influenza prophylaxis 75 mg once daily for 10 days (and up to 6 weeks) during an outbreak

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