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Prophylactic Prescribing

What does Duration Health do to ensure patients understand the risks and benefits of prophylactic prescribing, and the risks and benefits of each medication?

At Duration Health, we believe patients should be empowered to take care of their own health. We recognize that any prescription, whether written by your local primary care physician or an online provider, has the potential to be misused. In addition, there are legitimate concerns within the medical community and beyond about antibiotic overprescribing and overuse. But the Duration Health evaluation process and the physician-patient consultation is designed to help minimize those risks by, among other things, informing every patient about the benefits and potential dangers of prophylactic prescriptions. We believe that a doctor’s job is to be more than just a gatekeeper, but also an educator, collaborator, and partner in your well-being.

What does the online medical evaluation entail?

The physician evaluation and consultation you will receive as a prerequisite to being prescribed any medication is a crucial step in ensuring patients understand the risks and benefits of their medical treatment. As part of your evaluation by our providers, we’ll ask you questions to determine what type of prophylactic prescriptions might be appropriate for your circumstances. Our provider will ensure you understand the risks and benefits of the medications and supplies you’ll receive. During this process, the provider will also discuss with you the importance of using these products only if truly necessary, and will require you to agree that you'll use these products for their intended purpose only.

Of course, you should keep in mind that some patients may not receive any prescriptions following their consultation. This happens if our provider determines it would be inappropriate for a particular patient, based on factors like medical history, current health conditions, and other concerns.

After you have engaged in careful discussion of relevant risks and benefits with one of our providers, you will be able to receive any medications prescribed to you. And a Duration Health provider will always be available to answer any questions and discuss concerns.

What if I complete the online evaluation, and my Duration Health provider decides medications aren't appropriate for me? Will I still be charged?

No, you won't be charged.

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What about antibiotic stewardship?

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What if someone overdoses on the medications?

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What if I'm allergic or experience side effects from a medication?

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