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Buying a Bag

How does the buying process work?

The "Traveler", "Adventurer" and "Professional" bag configurations you see on the Get Your Bag page are starting points for your custom bag. No bag of medications can be right for everyone; for example, some people have allergies to certain medications. We therefore ask you to choose one of our three base configurations as first step, and then we'll work with you from there to figure out exactly which medications are right for you.

After you choose one of these configurations, you'll receive an email to complete an automated interview process so we can gather some basic information about your medical history.

Once you've completed the automated interview, you'll schedule a face-to-face consultation with one of our providers via videoconference. Your Duration Health provider will review each medication with you and decide whether it is appropriate.

After your videoconference, you will receive a proposal with the contents and finalized price of your customized bag. Should you wish to purchase your customized bag, you'll enter your credit card information at that time. Your card will be charged, and your bag will ship. If you decide not to move forward, simply decline the proposal, and pay nothing.

What if my Duration Health provider decides medications aren't appropriate for me? Will I still be charged?

You won't be charged. We screen patients carefully before the video visit so as not to waste your time nor our doctors' time. However, sometimes our doctors conduct a video visit, and during the visit find that the patient isn't a candidate to receive a Duration Health bag. If this happens to you, your visit is free of charge.

You should keep in mind that some patients may not receive any prescriptions following their consultation. This happens if our provider determines it would be inappropriate for a particular patient, based on factors like medical history, current health conditions, and other concerns.

Can I just buy a bag once, instead of a yearly subscription?

We sell bags as subscriptions because medications expire. With our subscription model, we can provide you with replacement of expired medications as medically appropriate, and ongoing clinical support for the use of your bag.

If you want to buy a bag once only, and not replace it next year, simply cancel your subscription and don't complete the process of ordering a new bag (see next question). You'll continue to receive clinical support (email only) for 365 days from when you bought the bag, even if you cancel.

You should know that it's dangerous to use expired medications, even in an emergency situation. We'll help you return unused medications to us by mail, facilitated by our partner pharmacy, and we require that you return the medications when they're expired.

When I buy a subscription, are my medications automatically replaced each year?

Your Duration Health provider will need to check in with you to verify once again which products are medically appropriate for you before any refills are provided. You'll discuss with your provider how you may have used your bag in the past year, and why you anticipate needing it in the coming year. As with your initial purchase, the exact contents and price of your new bag will be determined following a consultation with your provider, and you may accept or decline purchase at that time. Your card won't be charged automatically, because your provider first needs to verify which (if any) refills are appropriate for you. You may cancel your subscription without penalty anytime before your next bag ships.

If I use a medication, can I get a refill?

We want to make sure you're always prepared. To that end, we can usually accommodate legitimate and medically appropriate requests for refills of medications used as indicated in a true emergency. Contact your provider at [email protected].

What components make up the overall cost of the bag?

The price charged for a Duration Health bag includes a medical visit fee, an access fee, and pharmaceutical fees. Fees charged for pharmaceuticals are passed directly to our partner pharmacy. Duration Health is not a pharmacy and does not make money from selling pharmaceuticals.

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When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged only after your video consultation, once the contents of your bag is finalized, you approve it, and the bag ships.

Can I use my health insurance or medical spending account to pay for the bag?

All Duration Health products are direct-to-consumer only and cash pay; we do not accept health insurance. You may find that your Health Spending Account, if you have one, will reimburse you for the cost of our bag, but this depends on the insurance and would be your responsibility to investigate after purchasing from us.

What is your refund policy?

We offer full refunds for any reason up until the time your bag ships. Once your bag ships, your purchase of that bag is nonrefundable for regulatory reasons. Annual subscriptions may be canceled without penalty anytime before your next bag ships.

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